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logo no background black white with yellow I 200x200For those that already have experience and just need to get a forklift license this is the easiest and best way to get your formal OSHA forklift license.

If your company has operators that are already driving forklifts or new hires that have experience and just need the formal forklift training class for your operators or if you are an individual that needs a forklift license for a job the online forklift class is perfect for you.forklift101

The online class provides a basic formal OSHA forklift safety training class. This class canforklift training manual be taken on line, and then a supervisor can perform the operator evaluations authorizing the operator at the job site or at a new job.

The class consists of several videos, manuals and an online test. Once you complete the test, you can print a temporary certification card and within 72 hours you will receive a digital copy of your license complete with picture and certification, and within a few days a real forklift license will be mailed to you.


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